How to get ready to connect with your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel

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Introduction: Follow these steps and you may have a much easier time making a strong connection with your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel.

Step 1: Set the intention for yourself that you wish to make a connection with either your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel.

Step 2: If you live with others, make it known you would like some privacy to work on a project uninterrupted by phone calls or visitors – including them. If you live alone, you might wish to consider taking the phone off the hook or put your cellular phone on vibrate. Set aside a time and place within your home where you feel comfortable and safe.

Step 3: Wear comfortable, loose clothing that does not feel restrictive.

Step 4: Make certain the temperature is at a comfortable setting.

Step 5: Make sure you are not going to be distracted by either feeling too full and bloated or by hunger pangs.

Step 6: Do you want a written or oral record of this session? If that is the case, either have a pad of paper and smooth-writing pen handy, a word-processing package open to a blank screen, or a cassette recorder nearby in which you can record any insights you receive. You might want to make note of the date so you can document your progress.

Step 7: Sit in a comfortable chair. Sit back. Take three to five deep, calming breaths. Then you are ready to begin.

Tips: The more often you connect with spirit, the easier and more immediate this process will be.

Warnings: Make certain you have visited the bathroom prior to this session. Sometimes, making a connection with spirit causes you to flow in all ways including the necessity to empty your bladder.

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