NCAA Football 10 Create-a-Team Feature Now on EA Web Site

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Go to EA Sports’ Web site link here to check out the new create-a-team features and online team creator in the upcoming NCAA Football 2010 video game from the popular company.

The new create-a-team features include the ability to customize just about anything you ever wanted in your own personal college team and it’s so dedicated and has so many features that you can re-create your college or high school down to a tee, especially with the use of new downloadable pictures as logos to put on your helmet or at center field.

NCAA Football 2010 Create-A-Team Mode Now Online

Much like what was done with the Spore video game and its creature creator, the creations on the NCAA Football 2010 create-a-team online team builder from EA Sports can be transferred to the game itself at a later date when the game is released.

This saves time and allows users to also tinker with their team and have it ready when the game comes out. It is an interesting new gaming trend that just might pick up steam as video game companies sync their online sites with their console games.

In NCAA 2010’s create-a-team mode, users can add their own logos by download from their own PC’s, change the logo’s placements on the field, modify the field types, and modify the uniforms down to every last detail with tons more options than what was seen in past NCAA Football video games from EA Sports.

So far the feature has been well-received by the NCAA Football 10 online community.


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