Nicole Buffett talks about Warren Buffett

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Nicole Buffett talks to the press about her role as the granddaughter of the wealthiest man on Earth Warren Buffet. Nicole talks about being the adopted granddaughter and getting cut off the inheritance or a letter from Warren telling her that she’s not his legal grandchildren or emotional grandchildrenafter her appearance on a film The One Percent documentary as she dishes out about her grandpa. Grandpa was angry over Nichole voice for the family name. He stated that she is in no way a spoke person for the family’s name. Nicole is pretty devastated as she got this cut off letter from her grandpa. Warren paid for college but that was it and he won’t help with anything else.

The rich grandfather would not pay for anything more than tuition as he told all of his grandchildren because he wants them to work hard for their money. Nicole is barely surviving on a 40k annual income from her job as an abstract painter. Warren Buffett is the wealthiest man on Earth with asset over $50 billion and he topped off Bill Gate. Nicole is happy and is hoping to recon ciliate the relationship with her grandfather one of these day after the cut off which she stated is devastating. I don’t know if the Bernard case is affecting Warren Buffet at all. Well, it’s a great thing that he made so much from investing. I’m glad for him. I’m glad that he’s wealthy but he should give his grandkid some money you know. Poor little Nicole.



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