Christmas Stories

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I remember a time when I was younger; my mom would read me stories to get me to sleep. She’d read me fables on regular days; but she would always change the theme of the story according to the seasons or events. Here are some lists of Christmas legends and stories my mom used to read to me.

Legend of Candy Cane


One story is about a Choirmaster. The children were noisy and rowdy inside the church during a mass. He offered them white sugar candy sticks to persuade them to behave inside the church. He bent one end of the stick to make it look like the canes used by the shepherds who came to worship Jesus when he was born to remind the children of the birth of Christ.

Another story tells of a man who loved candies so much that he used it as decors on his Christmas tree. He fashioned it to look like canes so he could hang it. Others say that the Candy canes were made to look like letter “J” for “Jesus”, the color red signifies the blood he shed, while the white is for His purity.


Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Well, we all know the story of the reindeer with a glowing red nose named Rudolph. He was made fun of because he’s different. Even his own parents were embarrassed to have him around. He was immersed in self-pity when Santa found him. It was on a foggy Christmas Eve. Santa found himself in a predicament; it was hard to move around on his sleigh with all those fog and there are gifts that needed to be delivered. That’s when Santa noticed a glowing red light from across the distance and saw the sad young reindeer. He was hailed because he braved the fogs, rains, and sleets to help Santa with the delivery of the gifts. The Red nose that shamed his became his most prized possession.

It was said Robert May created Rudolph’s story to placate his daughter after the death of his wife a few day before Christmas. Rudolph’s story was also said to be an autobiography of Robert May in fabled form.


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