Cameras on Paris Hilton

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The media is always after news. And it’s the celebrities who create news. The people in general are also more interested in reading what’s going on in a certain celebrity’s life. More than their public appearance, they are curious how these celebrities behave when they are in private. Then there are paparazzi that go on chasing superstars, pop idols, movie stars and who ever they can lay their hands upon. There ways are quite unique too. A hot car chase is one example of Lady Diana.

Socialite Paris Hilton too was no exception. Some months ago she was in Dubai for a reality show My New Best Friend Forever. During one of the routine checks Hilton’s security guards found that there was a ‘hidden recording equipment’, that was in her room.

Of course, it is not comfortable for anyone to be under the eye of a camera especially when not aware of. That feeling is an unpleasant one for sure, be it for a male or a female celebrity. This is like encroaching upon one’s personal space. Such encroachments done unknowingly are sure to bother anyone on the earth. And Paris Hilton too is no exception for this.

Hilton’s bodyguards think that this recording device might have filmed Paris all through. And this very thought is making this socialite lady feel uneasy.

Very understandably, Paris Hilton’s security has been beefed up. And obviously, the hotel staff has swung into action to investigate as to how this secret device came into her room. Now it remains to be seen as to what the outcome of this investigation comes forward.


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