Are you that private online?

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Are you that private online? Whenever you’re online, you are not that private. Any accounts that you have, the admin knows exactly what you are doing and they can give up that information to the press at any point in time, this is why you should never considered revealing your utmost secret on there or even do anything that is illegal because they can scan for it. Most FBI has software that can scan for these things and you might get caught if you post or write about illegal topics. They are always looking online too.

Your emails are not private and anything else that you post online is exposed to the admin of that website so you are never that secretive. Sometimes your post can be visible on search engines too and people might see what you wrote about yourself. Potential employers will search for you and they will see all about you so it’s never wise to post negative things about yourself or even have an inappropriate profile about yourself on social networks. A sure way to not get hire is to have a social network with full of inappropriate photos. You should know too well by now to not have inappropriate photos and posts online. This is even truer if you are public figure. You don’t want people seeing you at your worst or to have nude photos of yourself online either. It will ruin your reputation as a person over all. This is even more so for those with endorsement. Look at what happened to Tiger Wood, he lost at least a hundred million over affairs. It’s not worth it but I guess he never thought that people would find out. Although he’s the best in golf but he sure didn’t think ahead. You have to think about these things if you have a career and especially if you are a public figure.

Look at N. Carolina’s governor’s affair, they posted his emails all over the news. When you think they are not digging, they are digging right in your front yard. They are waiting for you right in your front yard. If you are a celebrity, you know too well about this. You do have to be very cautious online nowadays with so many investigators going online to find out more about you or potential employers or a girlfriend. I know that I relied on Myspace to get the scoop on my boyfriends and I found out about one of my exs fooling around so I broke up with him. If it wasn’t for the photos and posts from other women, I would have never be able to have the strength to break up with him. When I saw those posts from other women, I knew that I will break up with him and there will be no other way around it.


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