How to gain more work opportunity if you’re in the entertainment industry

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I’ve seen celebrities with fully nude photos of themselves online and I think that they should remove all of them if they want to gain endorsement revenue at all. It’s not a good image when you have to face the entire world daily. It’s hard for people to use you as a good example when any little kid can go on Google and type in your name and see a fully nude photo of you in the shower. I know I’ve seen these with some stars like Tila Tequila. I know I can go on Google and type in her name and see all of her nude photos. This is why you don’t see her on any corporate ads because they won’t allow these kinds of things.

Look at Tiger Wood or Charles Barkley, they lost most of their endorsement the second they were on the media about their affair. They lost at least a hundred million so it’s not joke at all when it comes to corporate ads. If you want to be a celebrity, you will have to have a squeaky clean image in order to get on most corporate ads. It’s one of your strategies on how to get rich and if you don’t get on it then you won’t make that much money because most revenue are from endorsement anyways. If I’m a corporate ceo, I will not want someone who has a fully nude photo online to represent my product. If you want to represent someone’s product, you will need to remove your nude photos from Google and Yahoo. I know this will help you earn more gigs and even more endorsement. Since you are a celebrity, you should not have any of your nude photos online.

I guess this is something that some celebrities like Tila Tequila would need to learn. This is how you make money in the celebrity world. It’s hard to deal with parent in law when you have plenty of fully nude photos of yourself online. They will sure be turn off. Your children would not like to see it online someday and yes, you can remove it. You just have to go to the site and request the people to remove it or threaten them with a lawsuit and they will remove it but I guess in Tila’s case, she might have posted there willingly.


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