How to overcome the laziness in you.

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Most of the time the laziness comes because you are bored of your daily task. Maybe it isn’t rewarding or maybe the person in charge of it is boring or a big bully or the task is too hard for you. If this is the matter, you must find a way to let this all go and make life more exciting. Listed below are some suggestion of things you could do.


1. Spend time to do something that you like. ( something that has advantage , not disadvantage !)
2. Do something that motivates you.
3. Change your career
4. Exercise – put you in a better mood and at the same time boost your energy level.
5. Have a good rest – a vacation.
6. Be friends with people who are not lazy
7. Find a partner. A partner can motivate you to be better in life
8. Create short term goal and long term goals for your life.
9. recognize the importance of TIME

Task – wise

Change your daily task routine
1. Set up your self-reward system ( reward yourself after finishing doing task you don’t like)
2. create an urgency by setting a dateline to a task
3. Forget the difficulties and think about the benefits
4. Think about the negative impact if you don’t do the task
5. Manage the task and break it into small chunks – Plan your work
6. Do one thing at a time
7. Challenge yourself or pick someone to become a competitor
8. Make a list of things to do and write down the things you manage to finish everyday. This will motivate you to finish out the whole task.
9. Remove all the distractions that you are attracted to ( Like the internet, TVs ) before finishing your task.
10.Don’t stop when you are doing a task. Don’t let your brain talk you into laziness.
11.Make the environment around you motivating and beautiful.
12.Reward yourself everytime you finish a task – Food, Money.


1. Drink a lot of water – Keeping yourself well hydrated will keep you energized and awake.
2. Exercise – boost your energy level.
3. Have a healthy diet.



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