Solutions to the world problems #1

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As we have been made aware by the media ,the scourge of drug trafficking and resulting addictions has been afflicting humanity increasingly in the past five decades,with all the resulting casualties,and all efforts by governments and law enforcement agencies seem to be coming up with negative numbers compared to the international cartels ,run jointly by drug barons and the narcodemocracies that share in the profits.

So the game of cowboys and indians keeps being played,while the victims of drug dealers get their brains fried.

And the parents,relatives and others,also become victimized by the broken health and lives of their dear ones,

not to exclude all the criminal activity,that drug culture brings to society.

Now,having said this I offer this humble solution.I hereby invite everyone here in the web,and all organizations that

fight against drug use,to invite and empower the victims themselves to stop lining the pockets of corrupt politicians,and all the death mongers who abuse them; to ask these drug addicts themselves to join a campaign to combat crime by having all of them totally quit using drugs  now,just for the pleasure and revenge against those that have exploited them.Now this campaign requires everyone to spread the word and offer this rally to begin.

I know some of you that read this consider this the product of a defficient mind or other form of dementia,but this is not so,and it’s not about me,for all I know just proposing this might get me killed,but I feel that if a considerable number of you with access to some sort of press,media ,flyers,bulletin boards,churches,communities and other forums,get this idea through of all the damage we will bring our common enemy ,by stopping the feeding of the monster.

By the way there is a historic precedent in China for a similar effort taking place,it was none other than Mao,that recruited the mercenary armies that served the opium caravans by escorting them to get the drug to seaports,and he convinced these generals that were in command of thousands of troops that were stationed along the opium routes,to get the soldiers cleansed from drugs and help him take over China,and the rest is history.Give the young this great challenge to revenge against their captors and you will get the satisfaction of victory for the good guys.Join in this effort and let’s show our human quality.

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