Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For HER Lately?

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Janet Jackson can definitely be called an icon. Being the entertainer she is, you’d think she’d be able to sell more than a million albums. But, that isn’t the case. Her past 3 albums have fell short of her previous albums leaving people questioning what is going on. Ever since the infamous Super Bowl incident, the radio stations, notably Clear Channel Radio, has been ignoring every single she puts out. People haven’t been buying her albums either, except for her loyal fanbase. This is unfortunate for a woman who has sold more than 100 million albums in her 26 year old career. Many people are quick to blame it on the lyrics of her songs and the way she dresses.

I can fully agree that her lyrics and her wardrobes are inappropriate for a 42 year old woman. Her latest tour, the Rock Witchu tour, which was her first tour in seven years, was considered a flop due to only 2 sell-outs. The tour itself was plagued with problems from the start. Janet fell ill and postponed many concert dates. In addition, her opening act, LL Cool J, who himself has aged and is still trying to compete with “Today’s Rappers”, left the tour in effect to the postponed dates. In the end, most of the remaining postponed dates, after a few were rescheduled, were completely canceled, leaving fans in anger.

I myself was considering buying a ticket to her tour, but after the date for the outlet closest to me was postponed, I knew it would be canceled, which it was, and I was glad I didn’t buy my ticket. I am part of her “loyal fanbase” also. Lately the Janet Fan forums have been going crazy over other younger artists, such as Beyonce, “copying” Janet and her style. I can agree that Beyonce has taken some things Janet has put on the map and started, but the fans are asking for Beyonce to credit Janet. Wouldn’t it be ridiculous if you saw at the end of a Beyonce music video “Most of these moves were by Janet Jackson!”, or even on the front of her album, “This album contains Janet Jackson’s sounds!!!”.

It would be very odd to see such a thing, but yet the Janet fans want something such as that. Most of them lash out because Beyonce is doing better, album-wise and chart-wise, than Janet Jackson. This can be proven by Janet’s past three albums, which succeeded the Super Bowl incident where Justin Timberlake had pulled off a piece of Janet’s bustier, therefore revealing her breast. Janet’s latest 3 albums, Damita Jo [2004], 20 Y.O. [2006], and Discipline [2008], have all failed to meet the success of such iconic albums by Janet like Control [1986] or Rhythm Nation 1814 [1989]. The singles have all peaked at low numbers for an artist who has racked up ten #1 singles on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her latest, and highest charting single since 2001, “Feedback”, charted at #19 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Many fans were very excited that Janet was finally making a comeback, which she had told Ebony Magazine that month that the 2008 album Discipline was “not a comeback”. It certainly was not a comeback. Although the album was her first to peak at #1 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, it still stayed on that chart less than all her Post-“Control” albums, and has sold the least copies out of all of her albums. She ended up leaving the record company that released the album, Island Def Jam Records, before her Rock Witchu Tour started in September. I wasn’t trying to “diss” Janet whatsoever in this article, because I support Janet’s decisions 100% (except for maybe her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri), and since it’s her life and not mine, she can do whatever she wants.

But I am sure that her albums will continue to not sell and that this Icon needs to hang her coat up and stop, or start singing songs that don’t contain such lyrics as “I’ve misbehaved/I’ve done some things I know I shouldn’t do” and “Heavy like a first day period”. But that’s just my opinion, and other people in Janet’s loyal fanbase would lead you to believe that Janet is not over-sexed and sex-crazed with her music, when really she is a 42 year old woman that needs to stop singing such things.


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