How to find the cheapest software escrow

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Saving money is often important to people, so it is often desirable to find the cheapest services that you can get. This is especially true if money is tight and you cannot afford to buy the source code outright or your programmer refuses to sell the source code. In those cases, you need a software escrow agent or company and you want to find the best services for the lowest possible price!

1. Shortlist a few companies or agents to work with. Before you can find the cheapest software escrow agent, company or service, you have to have a few to look at. These will not only give you an average base so that you can tell what is a good price, but they will also give you a few options to choose from.

2. Find out what services are offered and how your source code would be stored. This is important because you want to be sure that the source code won’t be damaged. This is also the best way to tell if you are paying too high or if you’ve found the cheapest possible services.

3. Compare prices for yearly rates and renewal rates. Software escrow companies will have you pay yearly, but the rates might be different for just adding the software and renewing software that is already being stored.

4. Make sure the prices are as low as possible, but don’t allow the price to compromise service. You want to have the best possible service and paying a few dollars more to ensure your peace of mind where your source code is concerned is better than constantly worrying that the company you used was not any good.


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