The Best Free Apps For The Droid.

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The Google Droid has finally hit the shelves, and it is flying off of them as quickly as it can be stacked.  With quick access to applications (apps), especially using the touch-screen display and the trackball, switching between applications is easy and fun.  Having been built on the Android open-source platform, applications are being approved for use on the Droid on a daily basis.  Visiting the Droid application site, by touching the Apps Store icon, gives you access to thousands of apps, programmed byGoogle and outside sources (free programmers) alike.  The majority of the down-loadable apps are free, but some of them come with a minor fee.

The best free apps for the Droid are, inevitably, the apps that you would use the most frequently, and which would make your days easier.  If you were, for example, abycicle courier, then downloading the Street View of Google Maps to your home screen could help map out your most efficient routes.  If you are driving along, and come into major traffic, finding an alternate route usingCoPilot would be easy and informative.  CoPilot is a turn-by-turn navigation app, very much like a GPS, but without the extra charges.  Music lovers may prefer to download Rhapsody, and the socially adept may prefer Facebook.

From entertainment like movies and plays, bands and operas, there is an app for that.  For finding where to go to see a band, or watching streaming video of the band live in concert, to finding out where your favorite stars of days gone by have been laid to rest. Google has assembled a cure-all scenario, with almost every facet of daily life covered by at least one of their apps.  

Meebo is a fun and fairly complete instant messaging (IM) app for the Droid.  It automatically signs you in to all of your email and IM accounts, so that if anyone in any of your networks is on-line, you will know about it as soon as you start the app.  Conversations can be saved to computer for later rehashing, or the option can be disabled.  As long as yourIM account uses Jeeber, like ICQ, GTalk or Facebook Chat, you will see and be able to chat with anyone in your networks who is on-line.

The Droid comes with certain apps already to go on the home page.  You can keep these, or personalize your home page with all of your favorite apps.  Go through the App Store, and pick out some that grab your attention.  Download them, then try them out, you never know which previoulsy unkowm app may just be your new favorite.


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