Showing Your Dogs – Advice for Dog Breeders

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I can see why many people are turned off by showing when they think of how expensive it is to show. It can be very costly. How is it then that dog breeders are told that they should be attending dog shows if they want to be successful? There are many valid reasons for a dog breeder to show their dogs.

To increase your reputation. A good reputation in itself demands a higher price tag and people are happy to pay it.

If you happen to earn titles on your dogs, this will also increase the value of their offspring and stud services.

Look on it as an advertising expense. Dog shows are excellent advertisement opportunities. This is especially true with well advertised bench shows. People flock to them just to compare breeds and talk to breeders. One good benched show appearance can earn you enough contacts with potential puppy buyers to sell a year’s worth of puppies.

By showing, you will learn much more about the proper conformation in your breed. It’s much different to read a breed standard vs. having a judge go over YOUR dog head to toe and judge them. Conformation shows are not goaled towards giving out 9 cent ribbons. They are a way to judge future breeding stock. This is why altered dogs aren’t shown through most registries for conformation shows.

Showing proves you’re serious intent in the dog world. Just showing up and making the effort with go a long ways towards brownie points with other breeders. This can open up doors to using quality studs, purchasing great puppies and even establishing a relationship with a valued mentor. All of which you would not normally achieve if you shied away from showing.


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