How To Find A Man Of Worth And Value

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1. That drop dead gorgeous man may not be the one. You could find a guy that looks like Brad Pitt but doesn’t have the characteristics that you are looking for. Even the bald and round ones have things to offer. Give them a chance. Looks are not all there is. People are more than just looks and material pocessions.  

2. Give a party. Invite some friends and have them invite some friends and before you know it you have a party. Gravitate toward the hot spots, where the people are laughing or where the big circles of activity are in the room.

3. Remember that men are visual characters. Try to look as good as you can when you go places. Even around the house because you never know who might knock on the door. And you know that the one time you don’t look your best will be the time when Mr. Right comes knocking.

4. Attend events with the beautiful people. Those fancy events you may not be used to attending. Dress up and do something different. It will make you sparkle and you never know who you might meet there.

5. Think about what type of man you are interested in. What looks, personality, and characteristics are attractive to you? What is most important to you in values and background? Is religion important? Certain activities in common? Type of personality you are looking for.

6. Add some activities to your life. Charity work, join an organization that interests you, donate time to non-profit organizations in your area, all these are great ways to give your self one more outlet where you might meet a potential person of interest.


If you have weird feelings about someone there is probably a reason for it. Don’t overlook it. Respect your instincts.


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