Tips for Purchasing a Refrigerator

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When you are ready to purchase a new refrigerator you will want to consider the many options that are available now compared to the last one you bought. Any features that you already own and like should be on your new purchase. Otherwise you will probably miss that feature the most when you no longer have it.

Measure the opening in which the refrigerator will be placed. Write these down and carry them with you before you start looking at new models, with all the various sizes and types of refrigerators available. The refrigerator you choose should be at least 1/4″ smaller in size to allow for any errors in measuring and assuring that it fits without any problems. Make sure to remember the depth of the space so you can visualize how far out the refrigerator will sit.

Does your current refrigerator have the capacity needs of the current household members? Kids may be away at college and no more on the way so your capacity will probably be more suited for the needs of a couple instead of a large family.

Which type of refrigerator do you prefer? Side-by-side or top or bottom mounted freezers. Be sure that you thoroughly inspect any possible choices for height of inside storage. Many folks that did not pay attention to this factor soon learn it and become dissatisfied with their decision. Especially when the bottom shelving or drawers sit very low.

Options are something else to consider. Do you want all of the luxuries or just a few standard features? Some options that could be considered include: in-door ice and water dispensers, humidity controls, storage areas and gliding baskets. Don’t get one just because it has all the “neat” compartments, get one that has the compartments you really need.

Energy effieciency is always a good thing, especially when it comes to major appliances such as a refrigerator, which is the most energy consuming appliance most people own. Be sure that when looking at this option you choose a refrigerator with the Energy Star seal.

Take a good look at your kitchen before you set out to purchase that new appliance, after all you want it to match. Consider all of the color options and how they will blend with your kitchen decor. The most common color choices include: black, white, almond, and stainless.

Refrigerator prices vary greatly depending on the type, size, and options you choose. Most appliance stores and hardware center, or  many refrigerator repair shops carry scratch and dent products at a reduced price. Sometimes the area will not even be noticeable unless pointed out to someone and this could save you hundreds of dollars. In this economy everyone needs a break!


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