Bruce Willis Battles ‘Surrogates’ (2009)

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Starring: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, Ving Rhames, Boris Kodjoe, Jack Noseworthy, James Cromwell, and James Francis Ginty.

Directed by: Jonathan Mostow.

At first, when I saw the poster and the preview for “Surrogates”, I immediately thought of it as an “I, Robot” clone. Boy, was I wrong. I guess it is safe to say that the posters and trailers for this film simply don’t do it enough justice. Based on the comic book series, “Surrogates”, from the mid 2000s, the story is set in 2017 where many humans reside in almost complete isolation, not having to bother with going beyond the comfort and safety of their homes due to the remote-controlled cybernetic avatars that serve as their very own ‘surrogates’. These surrogates are practically clean and advanced-looking versions of their rightful owners. This whole set up keeps the crime activity at a low, low rate, leaving little room for fear and chaos in the world.

Bruce Willis plays FBI Agent Tom Greer who uses a surrogate of his own to investigate the very first murder ever conducted in several years, the victim is Jarod – the college graduate son of the surrogates inventor, he also uses more than one surrogate. The stakes are raised in the murder case when more humans are killed following the termination of their own surrogates (an event which is not supposed to occur, given that the human counterpart is safe from his surrogate’s injuries/damage). Agent Greer comes to realize that the only way to truly catch this murderous madman is to do the good old fashion way – with his own physical body. Read more…


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