Rene De la Villehuchet: Investor fall

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Rene Theirry Magon De la Villehuchet is a founder of an investment that is worth $1.4 billion with Bernard Madoff have committed suicide at his office in Madison Avenue office. Rene is 65 years old.

he was found sitting at his desk with both of his wrists cut and a bottle of sleeping pill. Rene is one those fund managers that is highly affected by the Madoff scandal.

Rene told worker to be out of his office because he was going to be working late but apparently died the next day. The door was found locked the next day. Rene is a very high profile individual who manages a very high profile investment folder of the some of the world’s prominent people like Philippe Junot who is the former husband of princess Caroline of Monaco, and Prince Michel of Yogoslavia. De la Villehuchet is one of the prominent family in France and even the Magon part of his name is listed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, a world famous monument.

There was a lot of lawsuits from his investors already and claiming that he’s responsible and he could have advise them to steer away from the problems. He has a wife but no children. There was no answer at his home.This is a very unfortunate scene and also a lot of people are really affected by the Ponzi schemes you know. I think that people should be careful of Ponzi schemes you know and you should keep in mind this fraud in the future. I can’t believe that Bernard has the guts to do what he does. It’s kind of painful to see a lot of us just crashing down like this. I don’t know if it’s a conspiracy but it looks like it is.


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