Growing Your Business through Excellent Customer Service: Three Tips For Connecting With Your Customers and Building Customer Loyalty

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Customer service is a process whereby a customer is well served, and his/her experience with the organization meets or exceeds the organizations brand promises.

There are two types of customers; internal customers and external customers

Internal customers are the people who work inside the company and rely on the company to provide them with the services, products and information they need to get their jobs done while external customers are those buy products or services form the company

Here are three keys to boosting your customer service and customer loyalty.

Create customer feedback channels

One of the most effective customer service tools is feedback. The business should set up feedback channels such as customer care hotlines, through which they receive customer complaints and suggestions. This channel serves as information based for improving products or services to the customer expectations.

Educate your customers

One vital strategy to keep customers consistently loyal to your products and services is customer education. By educating your customers help answer any unanswered questions, doubts about the products or provide new information about what needs they have that the product or the service can solve.

When you take out time to educate your customers about your product or service you also engender trust and favor. Customer education is a powerful marketing technique that every smart business owner should utilize in building his small business

Give gifts to your customers:

Giving gifts to your customers can bring rich rewards to a business with a well developed customer information management system you can keep track of important dates in the life of your individual customers such as their birthdays, marriage anniversaries and other key milestones in their life they like to celebrate or remember and send them gift. No matter how small and inexpensive, it’s the intention that counts, customers love to know that they are appreciated. This is a solid customer loyalty building strategy.


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