how to train your puppy or dog

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It’s exciting to have a new puppy and you want to start training it since day one so that they can learn to do all the things that they need to do around your home. It can be frustrating if they dirty up your house or just don’t know what to do as some dogs won’t if you don’t train them or neglect them since they were baby.

When you first have your puppy you must start the training routine right away as it’ll be quicker and easier then waiting until they get older and just don’t want to be trained. You will start out with basic house training, where to urinate and then have them get established to their living condition.

You should have a leash, collar, and a designated area for them and a consistent training schedule. If you have to retrain a dog it’ll take much longer such as six weeks. When you first get your puppy bring it to a vet for a complete physical as illness can slow down training.

You will pick out an area in the backyard for it to do toileting. You want to have a specific area so that your dog will know. You will be involving with the puppy emotionally so you must watch out for your behavior as well. Do discipline gently to the puppy and do praise loudly. Your dog is just like a baby and it wants to hear good things and less of bad things. Don’t spank either. Just say “no” if you don’t want it to do something.

You have to be consistent with your training schedule so that you can get your pup to get used to his or her training routine and remember things better. You should schedule out his or her sleeping time consistently. The key is to be consistent with your pup so that they can remember better. You can let your pup nap frequently as they will need it. You should not let your pup feed freely until you finished training the pup around the house. You should avoid food that can irritate their stomach. You should allow time for your dog to toilet properly and don’t distract him or her. Do praise when they have done what you want them to do.


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