28 music/mp3 search engines (2)

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This is the second part of the article.

FindSounds is an audio search engine, which contains more than 1 million kinds of audio and sampling instruments for you to search. You can specify the audio file format, the sampling rate, file size, stereo, and other filter search. In the search results, you can view the detailed parameters, download the audio real time, listen to related sounds, or share the sounds with your friends.

Qplayer is a social network music player. It allows you to search, play and download music from many of the popular social sites, such as Myspace, bebo or Youtube, etc. And give you music recommendations based on the social network analysis.

ONELLAMA is a new United States digital music start-up companies. They help music lovers to discover, preview, share and purchase new music through an audio-based analysis and collaborative music filtering search and recommendation system.

DesMp3 is a provision of the lyrics search and audio search site. You just need to enter the artist, title or album name, and other keywords to search, and the search results can be saved or shared with friends by email. In its homepage, you can see which lyrics and MP3 is hot.

SongTapper is an online music search engine where you can even only use the space bar on the keyboard to tap out the rough rhythm of the song, and SongTapper will help you to find out the song.

Wuzam is a fresh and innovative MP3 search engine. Wuzam’s powerful search engine allows users to search the internet from across the country for free music downloads. For different P2P program, you do not have to wait for users to upload files to you. A lot of free music downloads are stored in high-speed servers, which allows you to download quickly and perfectly.

FranceRadio is a music search engine, which provides a multilingual interface, including Chinese. Users only need to simply enter a song or singer name to find the corresponding songs. In addition to providing download address, FranceRadio also provides embedded code for blog, and bloggers can easily use it on their own blogs.

CChits is one of the Ning sites, mainly providing music online uploading, video, download, search and shared services. Rather special is that all the music provided by the site must be based on CC Creative Commons, which means it is the equivalent of a podcast collaboration stream media. While there are some limitations, but also enlarge the free. Users can download all music for free, and there are still plenty of resources in CC.

Jukefly is a social music player, designed to let you access your favorite music from anywhere. Jukefly do not even need you to upload music and is able to play the music in your computer in any other computers, the full realization of the music synchronization at different places!

Midomi’s most important feature is to allow you to sing a short melody in front of the microphone of your own computer, and then it will find out the related song on basis of these voices. Songs can be a singer’s original works, or it can also be a remake of the site’s users.

TunesBag is a new online music-sharing community, the aim of which is to let you listen to the music in any place at any time. You can upload the music in your computer, or upload Winamp and iTunes music to TunesBag as a backup, but also as a share. You can share your music library and playlists in Tunesbag to your friends and it also has Facebook friends list sharing feature. All of this, you only need to register now for free, but now it is also in beta version, you have to can get an invitation.

Zukooluses the content filtering recommended method, which means that “this song sounds like…” description instead of “listen to this song also like to…” to describe.

ThemeFinder only faces to users with professional music knowledge, because you have to enter the music-related parameters precisely in order to search.


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