5 Things To Do Before You Grocery Shop

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Grocery shopping seems like the easiest, most basic thing to do. Unfortunately the temptations are great and all of us are known to give in. To avoid waste of food and money, use the following tips before you go grocery shopping.

1. Empty the fridge of old and expired items to create space and figure out what you actually need. If you have two opened, yet half full and expired jars of tartar sauce, you don’t need more. You clearly don’t use it enough. Items that have expired isn’t a clear signal you need more, often you need no more of it.

2. Group like items (canned/non-perishable) to see what you’ve already got on hand. Create meals around those items.

3. Make a meal plan and grocery list. Even if you’re doing a shop for more than a weeks worth of food you need a guide to what you need to buy. Whether you’re picking up groceries for 2 days or 2 weeks, make a meal and grocery list so you don’t over or under buy.

4. Eat! Going to the grocery store hungry always leads to buying food you don’t need. You’ll usually find that you buy already made meals or quick things to heat so that you can eat in the car or as soon as you get home.

5. Gather up your coupons. Paperclip them to your shopping list so that you don’t forget them.

Using the above tips will help you save time, energy and money when you go grocery shopping.


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