Guitar Greats Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton to Perform Together In London

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Eric Clapton’s website states Clapton and Jeff Beck are confirmed to play at the O2 Arena in London. The concert is scheduled to be on February 13, 2010. Jeff and Eric will perform seprate sets and then the two legends will perform together for the shows finale. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton will play more than the encore together. The Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck set will be much longer than their sets were  at some recent performances together in Japan.

Back in the 1960’s both Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck played in a group called The Yardbirds. When Eric Clapton left the band his replacement was Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck would later get fired and the band would eventually fall apart and be left to fellow guitarist Jimmy Page. Page, would rebuild the Yardbirds and his New Yardbirds would become Led Zeppelin. Clapton and Beck have performed together only a few times and have only performed a few songs together. The London show shall be a real treat for guitar fans. Both Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck have signature Fender Stratocaster Guitars. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame five times. Jeff twice for the Yardbirds and for his solo material. Eric Clapton for the Yardbirds, Cream and his solo career as well.

February 13, 2010 is a date most guitar fans will be circling on their calendars. The two great guitarist will take the stage individually and collectivley. Together they will play some of the best guitar music from the last 50 years. Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton is not a concert to be missed by guitar fans. Fans outside of England can only hope Eric and Jeff decide to venture out on a world tour.


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