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I love to read and study about herbs. I even grow a few in my home to use in cooking. I would love to grow lots outside, but I have a tiny yard and a dog. I was able to take a class about Herbs several years ago and I learned a lot from our Native American Teacher us all about them in the classroom and outdoors at her home. The uses are many in her culture. It was so interesting. Here are some easy ways to use your own herb plants at home. I wanted to share this on ehow in case someone out there is looking for a way to make their own herbal remedies at home. Read through everything first before beginning any processes. Have fun!

The flowers of this plant are typically purple, light or dark toned depending on species. There is a cone-shaped projection in the middle of the flower.

It is an immune system booster for when feeling like an illness is coming on. Take it for 3-4 days and then stop. Native Americans from various tribes made use of the coneflowers in early times. It has been used as a tonic, and as a treatment for arthritis. It is said to help with urinary tract infections and other infections, as well as being a general immune system builder. People like to use it as a tea.

Applied topically, it may take the “bite” out of bites and stings. Echinacea exhibits anti-inflammatory activities. It is used in conjunction with Cancer therapies. There are no culinary uses for this herb. It seems to virtually non-toxic and non-mutagenic. In rare cases, allergies to these plants are possible.

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Read up and research about herbs.

Some herb plants cause allergic reactions in some people.

I am not a Doctor, nor do I make any medical or miracle claims.


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