15, male, loves Halo… and mom (sound like your son?)

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15 is a hard age. Not quite a kid, not quite an adult. 15 year old sons can be a real challenge. They love you one minute and the next minute you are as strange as a two headed cat! Though in all honesty, 15 is easier that 12-14.

Boys begin the transformation from boyhood to young manhood at this time. They begin to see the world differently. The understanding that they are not the center of the universe slowly begins to seep into their increasingly hormone fogged brain. This is the time a mom can begin to talk to her son again. It is almost as if the preteen – early teen cotton has suddenly been removed from his ears! But don’t become too pleased just yet. Remember, the cotton is being replaced with very potent male (i.e. female seeking) hormones!

Take this time to get to know his world. That might mean you will need to take motion sickness pills and learn how to play Halo. Or if you can talk him into it, Star Wars Lego – not quite as stomach turning! Be willing to go to Starbucks and have a cup of coffee with him after a hard day at school. Also, after 9 pm is when most young men “come alive.” What I mean by that is don’t be surprised if as you’re ready to shut down for the night, he will be gearing up and ready to talk. Give up a few hours of sleep! If you listen to him now -when he is ready and willing to talk – he will be more willing to talk to you later while the sun is still up!

At this age and in our world, they are under more pressure than we were at their age. The school work is in most cases almost overwhelming; the overpowering need to be accepted; the push to get a job on top of school, sports, and any other extra curriculum activities they might be involved in, creates a tremendous amount of stress in our young men. Watch your 15 year old son for signs of extreme stress. Talk to him whenever you can.

If you take the time now to build into your son’s life, the rewards will truly overwhelm you later.

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