Famous Australian Inventions

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Australia has been called “Downunder” and other nicknames. One of the nicknames is “The Clever Country” and I believe this name is very appropriate for the young nation. There are many important things that people use in Australia around the world that are actually make in Australia. Here a number of the inventions that are worth mentioning about.

The boomerang is an Indigenous Australia invention. Boomerangs were originally used for hunting, fire starting, music, and sports recreation. Today, boomerangs are used mainly for recreation. The boomerang is a unique tool as it can return automatically to its skillful thrower. Some foreign and local tourists buy boomerangs as souvenirs.

If you are travelling along a road in Australia, you may spot a vehicle that has a front of a modern-looking sedan and a nice-looking tray that looks better than one that can be found on an ordinary small truck. Such vehicle is called a UTE and is invented by Lewis Brandt for the Ford Motor Company’s branch in Australia in 1934. The UTE is almost like a small truck by provides the comfort of a sedan for the driver and his or her passenger.

While reading the news of about an air crash, you may have come across the word “Black Box”. This important device that contains crucial information for crash investigators is invented by Dr. David Warren in 1958 at the Aeronautical Research Laboratories in Melbourne. Today, the Black Box is painted bright orange for easier spotting by searchers.

Whenever a person is asked who the first person who was successful in powered flight and the first to make flying a reality, most likely he or she will say it is the Wright brothers. However, the Wright brothers of the United States actually got the idea when reading an article about Australian inventor by the name of Lawrence Hargrave. Hargrave invented the box kite, a flying device. He tied four of his box kites together and attached a sling seat to the construction which then flew successfully. Hargrave’s help contributed to success of the first manned powered flight. If Hargrave had protected his invention, he instead of the Wright brothers might have been the first to fly a powered aircraft instead.

Many farmers from the United States, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and of course, Australia use a kind of fertilizer pellet known as http://linkturtle.com/l/21896″>Dynamic Lifter made from chicken droppings. Such fertilizer is invented by Norm Jennings who started working on his invention in 1969 and completed it sometime in the mids of 1970s.

The Sunshine Haverster was a wheat harvesting tool invented by a 17 year-old by the name of Hugh Victor McKay in 1883. The harvester made the life of a wheat farmer easier by winnowing as well. This automated the entire process of wheat harvesting.

An ordinary ploughshare may be damaged by obstacles and stumps. Richard and Clarence Smith were two Australians who invented the stump-jump plough in 1876. Their invention help prevent the ploughshare from being damaged by allowing it to jump over stumps and other objects that are in its way.

Australians are fortunate to have a special invention that makes drying clothes in the sun a much easier task. The invention known as the Hills Hoist is set of a clothes lines arranged in a circle that can be rotated making it easier and faster to hang and collect clothes. It was first made by Lance Hills in 1946.

If you use a two-stroke mower to mow your lawn, you have Lawrence Hall to thank for. Mr. Hall invented the first Victa mower, a two-stroke machine in 1952. Today, the Victa mover factory that produces Mr. Hall’s invention is the largest Mover manufacturer in the world.

Australians had invented and will continue to invent to make life better and easier for everyone.


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