Puppy Wants To Read Magazines

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I am just kidding. Of course, puppies cannot read. But they have feelings. My puppy Enzo loves to play with my books, magazines, and crafts. Now, why would I need to let my things get near with puppy Enzo? Well, when I am working with my crafts and reading my magazines, puppy Enzo would jump into it. I just made sure that he will not bite my magazines and swallow the crafts.

Puppies love to bite anything. That is given. They also love to play. Basically, puppies had only two things in this world aside from being a guardian to its owners. The first one is play and the second one is food. I do not mean to say that food is only secondary. I was just reminded that when we bought Enzo, his first activity is to play and not to ask for food.

People say that puppies are loyal. Well, that is true. They would even want to sleep beside you! Since our bed is just airbed, puppies would run to our bed to my dismay. Hence, I tried to look for another bed that would prevent my puppies to easily hop in. Another notable characteristic of a dog is their temper. There are dogs that has wild temper, others are just calm most of the time, and there are dogs that would like to blend their temper in accordance with the mood of their owners. Whatever it may be, dogs are funny and they would really entertain a tired person. Once I was crying, my puppy approached me and sat beside me. It felt good that even animals would emphatize with you. So, I will always love my puppies for I know that they would love me back. As for my magazines, I would just allow puppy Enzo to look on and not to read. He will surely bite the pages.



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