Ex-Child Assasin in Maguindanao

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Abs-Cbn News reported about a former child assasin who worked for the Ampatuans. Remembering the Maguindanao Massacre, we were informed via the news that the suspects of the carnage are the Ampatuans. The said ex-child assasin was jailed for murder when he was young. At the age of 10, he worked for the Ampatuans who are dubbed as warlords.

Based on the reports, he mentioned that there are other child assasins who worked for the Ampatuans. Before their operations, they were brought to a remote area and was trained how to kill a person. The training is structured form them to know the techniques in murdering people. Later on, they started doing their operations. The reports had it that the said ex-child assasin already killed no less than a hundred people. The Ampatuans shouldered his fourth grade up to third year high school education.

The reports would also tell us that the said child assasin had participated in killing a political rival of an Ampatuan. He also participated in burning a village wherein all persons living in the houses died. No one is spared even the children. The operations were usually done during nighttime.

The ex-child assasin reported the matter to the police officers because his conscience will not let him sleep. When he was sentenced to deprivation of liberty for fifteen years, the Ampatuans never helped him get out of the murder case. The said child assasin harbored ill feelings against the Ampatuans then. The ex-child assasin in Maguindanao is one of the witnesses to prove that the Ampatuans had used terrorism due to lust of power and wealth. He will later then allowed to testify on massacre cases in Maguindanao. Lastly, the said child assasin is really a good help to end the terrorism activities in Maguindanao.


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