A Dilemma – Choosing the right Tattoo

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Tattoos – I have been thinking a lot about them lately.  I have a list of things to do.  And on that list is get a tattoo.  My husband has quite a few and plans on getting more.  He’s addicted and I can see how it would be.  I have been contemplating it for a while and I was searching for the “right” thing.  I think I have finally found it.

            I seriously considered a few things, but I believe I have narrowed it down to one.  I love my husband and he loves me, but there is no way either one of us is going to get each other’s name tattooed on the other one.  We are too realistic (both previously divorced) to make that kind of commitment.  That being said – anything related to my dear husband isn’t an option.  It has been a joke for a while that we could get each other’s initials – because we have the same ones.  There is no real “risk” to that.  I thought about taking our initials CD and reversing them like CDDC with the first CD and being backwards making an intricate butterfly effect.  Does that make sense?  But honestly that may still be too much of a commitment.

            I have heard of some people taking their child’s footprint off their birth certificate and having it tattooed on their body.  It is an option, but my son had really big feet.  I’m also not really a foot person either.  I don’t like mine touched and don’t really like other people’s feet around me, so I am not real keen on that idea either.  I do like the concept and what it represents. I also feel a little odd because I have a wonderful step-daughter and try not to make any difference between the two.  If I just add my son’s then I don’t feel as if I am representing her and I don’t feel comfortable adding her because I didn’t give birth to her. (I know I could find some other way to represent her.)   If I find myself addicted to the tattoos then this is an option that I may consider.

            What I have decided on and the only thing I feel that I can count on and have felt as a constant in my life, since about the age of 7, is the St. Louis Cardinals.  (Yes, I can count on my parents, but I’m not getting “mom” tattooed on me anywhere.)  I am an avid and devout Cardinals fan and I have become even more so, since my son has become a fan as well.  Every spring I have no doubt that the Cardinals will be post-season contenders, I feel that they can and should win every game, and I truly want to believe that Mark McGwire is innocent.  (I can be overly optimistic at times.)  I think I want to go with the traditional bird sitting on a bat, but not 100% positive.  I have to admit that this idea wasn’t original.  I saw a lady at a Cardinals game with one and then I had an Oprah “aha” moment – that’s what my tattoo should be – the Cardinals.

            The next decision is where.  This is almost as difficult as what.  I don’t want something that visible all the time.  I want to be able to cover it in more formal settings.  I am too old for the lower back tattoo. (At times I wonder if  am too old for a tattoo at all, but I am not going to let my age hold me back.  Although I did cringe last year when my mom told me she and her friend went to a parlor to check out the tattoos.  She was 50.  I am sure it was a midlife crisis activity and in no way relates to the idea of me getting a tattoo.)  The ankle seems so obvious.  I am not ready to go “butch” and get the bicep tattoo.  I am considering the upper shoulder.  It has taken me three years or so to decide on the right “tat” so hard telling how long to pick the right place.  If it takes too long, I will end up with one of those midlife crisis tattoos.  Lord forbid – I do that. 

            Do I really need a tattoo?  Does anyone really need a tattoo?   – No.  So why do we do it?  I guess we feel we can make a personal permanent statement on our body.  Something no one can ever take away.  My husband’s tattoos make all kind of statements – some I don’t necessarily agree with it.  So the only permanent personal statement I want to make is –  I AM A FAN – A ST. LOUIS CARDINALS FAN.  I can commit to that.


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