Ten Questions to Think Before Buying A Cockatiel

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Ask yourself these ten important questions before buying a cocatiel because they’re somehow wonderful living creatures…

I noticed that cockatiels are not excitable, high-spirited birds; rather, they are quiet deliberate in their ways. But a thing for sure is their ability to speak if you’re patient enough to train them. Plus, an interesting ability to whistle to call for attention, emit a warning, responce to people or just to break a silence.

1. A properly kept cokatiel lives about 10-15 years. Are you prepared to care for it that long?

2. Do you have a desirable and permanent spot for a large cage to make a pair or two comfortable?

3. Will you be able  let the bird fly free everyday?

4. Do you have enough time to devote to the bird?

5. Is someone available to play with it, whistle play, or talk to it?

6. What will happen to the bird when you want to go on vacation or to attendd an important trip?

7. Are there other pets in your household that might not get along with the bird?

8. Are you thinking of giving the bird to a child? If so, the ultimate responsibility for teh cokatiel’s well being will still be yours because any child can lose interest in a bird quickly.

9. Are you sure that n one in the family is allergic to bird feathers and feather dust?

10. Are you keeping in mind that the bird’s food and health requirements will cost money on an ongoing basis?

To decide whether a cockatiel would be happy with you and whether you would feel constrained by the bird’s presence, bare with the questions you just pondered upon. Hope these helps and I always expect that you’re buying one. Having birds around the house is very therapeutic…-dp


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