How to get parking for a private jet

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When you own your own private jet, you need to have parking for it no matter where you go. This is important to keeping your jet in perfect running condition and in ensuring that you always know exactly where to find your private jet. Not to mention that you need to find someplace that you can put your jet while you aren’t actually flying in it! Parking can take care of that problem for you.

1. You can always buy your own personal hanger, and in fact most people do since this is the most cost effective way to keep any aircraft. This is a building large enough to easily fit your aircraft. If you don’t yet have a hanger, but you know what size jet you are getting, you should buy your hanger before you receive your jet, especially if you need to have a hanger built for you.

2. The next option is renting a hanger. This will cost at least 30,000 a year or more, depending on the size of the jet, if there are other share-holders to the private jet, if you own the jet alone and where you are renting the hanger from. Keep in mind that renting a hanger can be very costly.

3. In other states and countries, you will need to rent a space for the number of nights you plan to stay, unless you send your jet back to your home and have it make a return trip for you later. This can be anywhere from $400-$800 a night or more, depending on where you go and what their current costs are.


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