WoW Priest Talent Tree The Options that Help a Player Customize World of Warcraft Priests

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The talents World of Warcraft priest talent tree are Holy, Discipline, and Shadow. Knowing what each branch of the priest talent tree does helps a player to customize his World of Warcraft character to suit his play style. The Holy branch boosts the characters healing ability, shadow is the damage per second branch, and the discipline branch focuses on a mix of both as well as improve the priest’s buffing spells.

The Holy Branch

The player who wants his priest to specialize in healing should choose the holy branch of the priest talent tree is the best choice. Most players in World of Warcraft view the class as healers. Priests that specialize in the shadow branch are capable of dealing a lot of damage, dealing damage has never been a key group role in any mmorpg. Those who specialize in this branch of the talent tree will never have a problem finding groups.

The Shadow Branch

The World of Warcraft character who wants his priest to do a lot of spell damage and have a high DPS rating should choose the shadow branch of the priest talent tree. The branch focuses on improving the character’s nuking ability.

Shadow priests are not as able to heal as well as their holy counterparts and are not as desirable in groups. The high damage output capability makes shadow priests desired in raids, but this branch of the priest shadow tree is better suited to players who enjoy pvp.

The Discipline Branch of the Priest Talent Tree

Instead of focusing on a particular ability to improve, the discipline branch of the priest talent tree seeks to find a balance between dealing extra damage and improving the priest’s ability to heal. A discipline priest can heal well and he can serve in a DPS capcity, but he will not excel in either area. The improved buffs of the discipline branch allow a player and his group members to live longer in instances and pvp..

Combining Branches of the Priest Talent Tree

It is possible to combine talents from the different branches of the priest talent tree. (This applies to the talent trees of all classes in World of Warcraft.) Experimenting with different talent combinations in game is not recommended because costs gold to relearn a trained talents and the cost increases each time a character uses this ability. It is better instead to experiment using talent calculators such as the ones available at the WoWhead website or IGN Vault.


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