Generate Traffic: 3 ways that will get you seen on the web for free…

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Generate Traffic: 3 ways that will get you seen on the web for free…

Of course it requires money to set up and promote a company or service. But the web offers multitude of alternatives at low or no cost. Here are the top three.

You don’t have to spend any money; all you need is determination. Once you have the drive and perseverance to work hard and research you will generate more traffic for your site. Links to tips and ideas are found at

Honestly, paying for ads and posting classifieds on popular and high traffic sites will get the results you’re looking for, but at what price? These 3 simple ways may take more time and commitment but you will see results.

Exchange Links

This method will boost your ranking in search engine results. Search engines rank high sites that have inbounded and outbound theme-related links. A good ranking position in the search engines, you will generate more traffic in your website.

Exchange Links is a 100% foolproof method. All sites have links to other sites. Others will exchange links with you in order to make their sites better known. You will notice more hits to your pages if you too help send traffic elsewhere.

 Targeting a similar traffic or demographic is a must when exchanging links. A similar niche or similar messages and content so there is continuity in the information provided.

Write and Submit Articles

Do it yourself. Online freelance writers will write these types of articles for a fee but sharing your own knowledge will save you money and create credibility for yourself.

E-zines and online encyclopedias on the internet provide free space for articles to be submitted.

Be interesting and supply your readers with expertise that will leave them wanting more. Always include a resource box that will lead your readers to your site.  Write about what you and your experiences in order to create personalized connection with your audience.

Join Online Communities and Forums

Time and patience is the only fee for this method. Share your thoughts and help others by joining communities and forums. Always leave a link or email to lead them back to you. You will also gather helpful tips and answers for some of your own questions.

Free is the key word regarding these traffic methods.  A site with no traffic is just wasted space on the web, be resourceful and pro-active and you will be seen.



By: Obeinna Bousketi


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