WoW Paladin Talent Tree The Options Available to World of Warcraft’s Holy Tanking Class

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The World of Warcraft Paladin talent tree branches are holy, protection, and retribution. Each branch of the paladin talent tree allows a World of Warcraft player to customize his character to suit his play style. Knowing what each branch of the talent tree does helps a player choose the strategy that is best for him

The Protection Branch

Paladins in World of Warcraft who wish to tank should choose the protection branch of the paladin talent tree. The Protection branch of the paladin talent tree allows a character to keep and hold the attention of a monster while the damage per second group members bring the monster’s health down quickly and the group’s healer keeps everyone alive.

The Holy Branch

This branch of the paladin talent tree is shared by the priest class. A paladin who specializes in the holy branch has chosen to be a healer. Such paladins are often referred to as Healadins by other players.

The ability of the paladin to wear plate allows Healadins to survive longer should they gain aggro from healing their party members, but plate drops in World of Warcraft have stats that are generally better suited to melee, so a paladin who specializes in healing will not likely have a mana pool that is comparable to one of the pure casting classes.

The Retribution Branch

The Retribution branch of the paladin talent tree allows the paladin to increase his damage per second rating and avoid attacks that are directed at him. Characters who choose to specialize in retribution branch of the paladin talent tree will have a more difficult time finding groups than paladin who chose holy or protection. Retribution is the branch of the paladin talent tree that is best suited to soloing and player versus player combat.

Combining Branches

It is possible to combine talents from different branches to achieve a certain strategy. As with the other classes, it is best to use a talent calculator available on web sites such as WoWHead or IGN Vault. Experimenting with different talent trees in game is not recommended as the cost to relearn a character’s talents starts at one gold and increases every time the character chooses to use this option.


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