Mandela’s Finer Moments

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Birth of a Leader

Born on July 18, 1918 Nelson Mandela’s life would be one filled with extraordinary events.  From the moment of Mandela’s birth in the little village of Mvezo in South Africa, his childhood would shape his destiny.  He was the first in his family to attend formal schooling and excelled in his studies.  He attended the finer schools of his royal kinsmen and this helped to shape his thoughts about the world around him.

As a young man in college Mandela’s destiny was still being influenced by the associations he would make there with the key people in his life.  It was in his college years that he joined forces with the anti-Apartheid movement.  As a young activist, Mandela’s strong will and belief in human rights propelled him into the spotlight.  His involvement in the anti-Apartheid movement eventually led to Mandela’s being imprisoned for 27 years.  He was release on February 11, 1990.

Changing a Nation

Mandela’s strong conviction to improve the life of his people was seen in his belief in reconciliation and negotiations.  He led the nation to adopt a multi-racial democratic society.  This proved to be successful and Mandela was elected the first president of this new fully democratic and representative nation.  He held office from 1994-1999.

From the start Mandela truly had the best interest of his people in mind as he led them during his presidency.  He has been admired by his associates and former opponents for his efforts in bringing South Africa together as a unified nation.  Mandela’s eloquent style and manner portrays a man whose heart is in the right place.

Mandela’s Achievements

Mandela’s achievements are many.  He has won over 250 awards in a period of four decades.  The most notable is the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize.   November 2009 marks the day that Mandela’s birthday became a public holiday.  With so many achievements in his life, Mandela won this honor from the United Nations General Assembly.  

Mandela is still quite the activist even in his aging years.  He supports various causes and still makes public appearances though not as much as he used to due to his health.  He stays close with his family and only goes where he is invited.  Mandela has truly proven his worth to the world at large and his accomplishments will forever remain in the minds of people everywhere who are aware of what he did and what he stands for.


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