Tiger Woods Divorce Scandal

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Is it any surprise that reports have indicated that Mrs. Tiger Woods has removed her wedding rings and plans to seek a divorce? Since the reporting of his car accident, it appears that Tiger Woods has women coming out of the woodwork, claiming to have been his mistress. How many mistresses does it take to get to the center of the Woods’ marriage? Can you blame the poor woman for wanting out?

According to more than one woman, Tiger Woods had complained that he had no relationship with his wife, and that he was only hanging onto the marriage for appearances. How nice of him. What was he afraid of? Could it be that he was more concerned with the impact that a divorce would have on his career than in keeping his marriage viable? That certainly is the way it appears at this time.

So far, several different women claim to have had affairs with Tiger Woods over a period of more than three years. What was he thinking? Which is more damaging to one’s reputation… a divorce or multiple affairs? Obviously, Tiger Woods should have opted for divorce, or marriage counseling before taking on secret lovers. Are extramarital affairs more accepted now than divorce?

Some of the Women Invovled in the Tiger Woods Divorce Drama:

Cori Rist
Theresa Rogers
Rachel Uchitel
Jaimee Grubbs
Kalika Moquin
Jamie Jungers
Mindy Lawton
Holly Sampson (porn star)
Joslyn James
Loredana Jolie
Julie Postle

Betrayal of this kind is hard enough to bear all on its own, but to be in the public eye adds insult to injury. I am sure that women everywhere can identify with and support Elin Woods at this time in her life. It doesn’t matter what went wrong in the marriage; what matters is the inexcusable manner in which Tiger Woods handled those problems, which is why he now faces the liklihood of divorce.

According to a source close to Tiger Woods, defending his trist with Holly Sampson, he states that Tiger met Holly at his bachelor party; therefore he was not married at the time of their encounter. Never mind the fact that he wasin a relationship at the time, and  committed to getting married… he was not married. I wonder how that kind of defense will hold up in the divorce case of Woods v.s. Woods.

During a video statement, Holly remarks that she always practices safe sex, but how is Elin Woods dealing with the fact that her husband has had sex with a porn star? I would think that a blood test should be the order of the day in the Tiger Woods Divorce Drama.

Divorce under any circumstances is painful, but having your life and laundry dragged out for all to see must be murder.


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