What Is The SingOff?

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The SingOff is a new television show on NBC. SingOff debuted on Monday, December 14, 2009, as a filler between seasons. The concept is similar to American Idol, with one major exception: there are no bands. All contestants sing to the crowd, a cappella. It is a talent show, to put it simply. The SingOff is a real test of talent.

Who Are the SingOff Judges?

The SingOff judges’ panel consists of three people:
Ben Folds
Shawn Stockman
Nicole Scherzinger

Mr. Folds is a well-known pianist, drummer and guitarist. He is a solo artist, singer and songwriter. His band, Ben Folds Five was a very popular 90’s group, with several Top 40’s hits.

Shawn Stockman, from the legendary band, ‘Boyz II Men’, holds the claim to fame of being a member of the most successful male vocal group of all time.

Nicole Scherzinger, is a talented singer/songwriter in her own right. She has released solo albums and performed with giants like, P. Diddy and 50 Cent.

Each of The SingOff’s judges brings to the table their own talent and experience in the world of music. SingOff has compiled a judging panel more than qualified to select the best a cappella group.

Who Are The SingOff Contestants?
Beelzebubs Medford, Mass.
Maxx Factor Baltimore, Maryland
Solo Omaha, Nebraska
Voices of Lee Cleveland, Tenn.
The Socals Los Angeles, CA.
BYU Noteworthy Provo, Utah
Nota San Juan, Puerto Rico
Face Boulder, Colorado

What Are They Competing For?

The SingOff winning group will be awarded a Sony recording contract. Each a cappella group must be between four and ten members and perform a song that is no longer than three minutes. No instruments of any kind are permitted, and no singing off key; at least not if hoping for a win.

One interesting thing about The SingOff is the fact that each group must perform a current cover song. This is not your old barbrershop quartet, but popular songs performed in an old-fashioned way. This show is truly unique in concept and execution.

The SingOff is still accepting auditions for the show, just visit the NBC web site for details on how you too can be a singing sensation.

The SingOff Audition Locations:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Atlanta

For details, call: 888-404-SING (7464)


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