Nick Lachey Hosts The Sing Off

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A select group of people get to rub elbows with Nick Lachey on NBC’s newest reality show, The Sing Off.  They’re polishing and presenting their best voices, without musical accompaniment of any kind, for nothing less than an Epic/Sony recording contract and a $100,000 prize. Each group will sing off to the three member panel of judges, one group being eliminated each night until the grand finale sing off. That is worth repeating…

The Sing Off groups are competing for:

  • $100,000
  • A recording contract with Epic/Sony

Reality television is nothing new to host, Nick Lachey, and he fits the program like hand in glove.

Before signing on with The Sing Off, Nick achieved stardom as a singer, actor and he is the current producer of of MTV’s popular series, ‘Taking the Stage.’ He also wrote songs for the band, 98 Degrees. Hopefully, his position as the host of The Sing Off will provide him positive press – from the notoriety he gained as the husband of Jessica Simpson, and from his public role in the reality series they starred in together. (Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica)

The Sing Off Hosts’ Credentials:
98 Degrees
Solo Recording artist
Reality TV Show Star (Newlyweds)
MTV Series Producer (Taking the Stage)
Charmed (2004-2005)
Hope and Faith
One Tree Hill (2009)

In recent interviews, Nick indicates that The Sing Off has made him miss the days of 98 Degrees, who had done a fair share of a cappella back in the 90’s.

The Sing Off really brings out talent, contestants have only their voices to offer.  As Nick well knows, when your voice is all you’ve got, it better be good. Nick is a supportive mentor to all of The Sing Off contestants, providing them with encouragement and self confidence.

The Sing Off is something a little different than the average television fare. Someone, perhaps it was Nick, referred to The Sing Off as, feel good TV. The Sing off is entertaining, visual, but mellow. The talent on The Sing Off is outstanding. Each group sings beautifully; harmonizing with one another; a true auditory treat. No Sing Off contestant group does a bad job; they are all wonderful and courageous too boot. In my opinion, it takes a great deal of courage to face millions of people on the airwaves and sing off in a cappella the way these songbirds do.


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