Courtney Love Loses Custody of Daughter

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The daughter of Courtney Love and the deceased Kurt Cobain, has been given over to family members as Courtney Love loses custody. Courtney Love’s daughter Frances Bean,, age 17, has been given over to the custody and care of Kurt Cobain’s mother and sister. Speculation as to why Courtney Love lost custody of her teen aged daughter is rampant. Few answers are forthcoming; however, no allegations of abuse or neglect have been made at this time.

The one thing that is known about Courtney Love’s custody case is that the shift in guardianship is temporary. People magazine reported that it Courtney Love’s attorney stated that it is merely a personal preference, on the part of Bean, to live with her grandmother, nothing more.

Kurt Cobain’s mother, Wendy O’Conner, and his sister, Kimberly, now have custody of Frances Bean, but do not have any control over her trust fund, which was the issue of speculation as to why the grandmother accepted custody of her granddaughter.

Those who may be interested in checking Courtney Love’s Twitter page for information will be disappointed. She has shut down her account on Twitter, as a result of another unrelated lawsuit.

Who’d have ever thought that a teen aged daughter of a celebrity like Courtney Love, would be embroiled in a custody battle? Frances Bean is well over the age of court dictation for custody, so it seems completely reasonable, to me at least, that this shift in custody came at Frances’ request, not as the result of some wrong doing on the part of her mother. Since Ms. Bean’s trust fund is not up for grabs in this custody issue, that can clearly be ruled out as motivation on the part of the grandmother and aunt.To quote Love’s attorney, Keith A. Fink, “This is simply about Frances preferring to live with her grandmother at this time.”

Is Courtney Love upset by the outcome of the custody fight? It is anybody’s guess; she’s not appearing to be talking about it publicly. Frances, on the other hand has stated that her paternal grandmother is one of her favorite people and the perfect role model. Clearly, she adores her grandmother.

During a European tour in 1991, Love and Cobain conceived Frances, and they eventually married in Hawaii, in 1992. Frances was born on August 18, 1992.

Just two years later Cobain was found dead of an apparent drug over dose.


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