Factor that Influence Blog Success

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There are 30 million blog and 120,000 new blog everyday are found in Technorati which s also called ” the google of blog”. Most of blog is not success because the owner just write for three month. They think they can gain $ 1,000 in a moment but they just get few penny and finally they surrender to write the blog.

Blog is not killer pain pill and quick scheme rich. The blogger should work hard to reach success.

According Darren Rowse, there are several factor that influence the success of blog. There are:

The age

Time answer some problem including popularity blog too. The old blog is usually more famous than the new one because they have stayed for long time. They might get higher pagerank or link from other blog.

Social media

Social media also influence the popularity factor. Most famous blog get high vote in social bookmark such as buzz Yahoo and Digg.  Submit some article to social bookmark to rise the popularity.


Most top blog use English language and English blog is easy to monetize.  Unfortunately, some most foreign  is hard to write in English.

Ads revenue

The success blog receive enough money. Some Blogger could gen thousands dollar a month. They can sell ads space, link, souvenir, or anything.

Post frequency

The famous blog post at least once a day. Sometimes blogger cannot stand to post once a times because they have no time.

After read the factors, you know what will you do to make a success blog. The patience is the ultimate key for blog success.


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