The importance of wearing sunglasses

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Although sunglasses are important to a lot of people, primarily as fashion accessories, for purposes of enhancing their beauty and style, sunglasses however serve other equally and perhaps more important needs. The use of sunglasses is increasingly becoming a necessity and this is reflected in its high demand all through the year and all over the world. Manufacturers and designers of sunglasses in keeping with the high demand and volume of sales are constantly producing, designing and redesigning sunglasses of different shapes, sizes and colors to satisfy their customers need for this unique product. The importance of wearing sunglasses could therefore be analyzed and understood from the different needs which compel and necessitate its demand.

As fashion accessories, the quality of sunglasses worn by an individual is generally believed to reflect the individual’s taste, class and personality. Thus an individual is said to be well dressed, based on person’s ability to effectively match and combine such accessories as sunglasses, wristwatches, jewelry, shoes, etc which sets the person apart and easily recognizable. This explains why most of society’s acclaimed celebrities, stars and iconic figures are often known to make fashion statements with the brand, shape and color of sunglasses they wear while at the same time setting fashion trends for their fans and admirers.

For such celebrities, while sunglasses serve as important fashion accessories, they also wear sunglasses because of the sense of security and protection it gives them. For such celebrities and public figures, covering their eyes with sunglasses, enables them to engage in normal daily activities like shopping, dining, walking or driving through the streets without attracting unnecessary attention to themselves since they are less likely to be recognized because of the cover provided them by the sunglasses. The use of sunglasses in this case helps them evade the prying eyes of the public and the harassment from the paparazzi that are always on their trail. Another important use of sunglasses for security and protection is that of security and undercover agents who wear sunglasses to avoid easy recognition while on duty. The sunglasses enable and enhance their ability to monitor and observe people and situations around them without betraying themselves through the movement of their eyes which would be noticeable if they were not wearing sunglasses.

Sunglasses are however much more important and often considered a necessity because it protects the eyes from harm. The eyes are very delicate, vulnerable and often subject to injury and damage from natural and environmental factors. The internal structure and functioning of the eyes could be permanently damaged by frequent and long exposure to ultra violet rays (UV) which is known to damage the lens and retina. This is especially the situation with the increasing and consistent depletion of the ozone layer which results in direct exposure of the eyes to the intense rays of sunlight and has been linked to the increase in cases of cataracts and other severe eye conditions. Sunglasses are also important for protection of the eyes from snow and sand storms as well as from reflections of light from water, sand and snow. Sunglasses therefore provide important protection in all climatic conditions and in all geographical regions of the world.

Sunglasses are often recommended for any indoor and outdoor activities that may expose the eyes to injury. Sunglasses that wrap around and completely cover the areas around the eyes are highly recommended for use as shield and protection for the eyes from irritation and damage from wind, sand and dirty water and is considered very important for driving, biking, cycling, golfing, swimming as well as other recreational activities such as picnics and camping. Sunglasses are indeed important for every day use both as a fashion accessory and for medical and protective needs.

 Although sunglasses are easily and readily available both at a corner store in the neighborhood as well as in high end retail and fashion stores, most people still find it difficult to either make good choices or get good bargains. People are often attracted to sunglasses either because of the design and brand name, price or in some case the degree of darkness of the shade. The general belief is that the higher priced designer sunglasses are more durable and therefore of better quality than the cheaper ones. Good sunglasses are not necessarily the darkest in shades or the most expensive but those that either fit best or offer the most protection for the buyer


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