Swine Flu: Be Cautious While Visiting Santa This Christmas

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One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be sick this Christmas with the Swine flu.  Be careful when taking your child to visit with Santa this year, here are some precautions you should take.

First of all you will want to go at a less crowded time of the week. Try to go during the week during working hours. This will help avoid the crowd and the school children. Maybe you will get lucky and be the only customers in line. Another protective measure would be to bring hand sanitizer, make sure to use it before standing in line for Santa and after. The hand sanitizer will help protect your child, yourself and Santa. Try not to stand too close to others while standing in the line. Turn your head away from direct contact with the customers face. This will protect you if the person suddenly sneezes without warning. Try to stand about ten feet away from the other people in line. This can be very hard to do, but if someone appears sick it may be better for you to stay away and go to the back of the line. Don’t forget to protect others as well, make sure to teach your child to cough or sneeze in the crook of his arm. This will help protect others if your child is ill and keep the germs off their hands. Please try not to take your child out to visit with Santa if they are sick. This is unnecessary; even if the child doesn’t have H1N1 it will lower their own immune system and make them more susceptible to germs. When you visit with Santa, remember the one thing you don’t want for Christmas is H1N1.

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