Saturday, December 16

Filipino Tradition-Birthday

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Birthday everybody loves birthday who doesnt love it???today is december 17,2009 well probably its my birthday yes you heard it right this is one of my gift to myself to write this article.It is also the birthday of the pound for pound king Manny pacquiao,The birthday also my highschool classmate named Christian,and also the birthday of my college classmate Jay,and also my nieghbor.They all have the same birthdate with me but different stories.The meaning of birthday in our life is to remind us we are only humans that is born and will dies when the time comes.We are humans that are not perfect we commit mistakes.Birthday to most filipinos like us is time to celebrate and enjoy our natal day.It means having or creating parties even without cash we find money just to have a birthday party with friends and families.We really have fun when it comes to our birthday.

Filipino tradtion when it comes to birthday is great we need to have some foods at the table to have a complete family.”pansit”is one of the most popular food when it comes to birthday because of those belief we have if we have it in our birthday it will make our life longer because of the strands of the pasta of the “pansit” it was adopted by chinese belief.Filipino tradition i guess is one of the great traditions because it focuses on happines and enjoying especially when it comes to holidays and birthdays.

Filipino tradtion when it comes to birthday is important to us because it means bonding with our families and friends.We need to buy foods when it is our birthday in the office or for kids at school.As you can see having this kind of tradtion makes our life worthwhile and enjoyable.Lord gave us the gift of life to enjoy it thats why we should give him thanks and praise when it is our birthday.

To those all of you having birthdays like me now HAPPY BIRTHDAY and remember birthday is just one a year it makes you old so thats why you need to celebrate it the way you know!!cheeers


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