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Hello 🙂

Today I will tell you how I feel about the current job market. Being a recent graduate, I know that there are tens of thousands like me who are in desperate need of a job. What is wrong with the system? Why is it getting harder and harder for genuine, hard working people to land a job nowadays?

1. The main problem is that most companies look for graduates with some experience in the field, but how will we obtain this experience if noone is offering us a job in the first place?

2. Companies firmly believe that having a 2:1 or a first class degree automatically means that you are better than other graduates. It does not matter whether you had mitigating circumstances or if you would actually be better at the job than someone who has been studying constantly and doesn’t know the meaning of outdoor activities.

3. They would actually prefer someone who lies at interviews and tells them that they are perfect and have all required skills, instead of someone who is truthful, but is eager to learn. I do believe that, to be happy in any job, the people need to like who you really are and not who you pretended to be at the interview.

4. Even if you land a job and you are working harder than everyone else because you don’t like to be idle at work, or simply because you enjoy it, they see you as unsociable. The paradox is that they still give you the most important tasks because they KNOW that noone else can do it better than you.

I guess that’s it for today. Again, I would really appreciate any comments that you may have and hope to have diverse opinions on the subject.

Until my next post, take care and good night!! 🙂


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