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Hello people,

Hope you are all doing great! I thought I should talk a little about religion today. Religion is one of the major things that divide people, and I think that this is the fault of mankind. I am not talking about ancient times, but recent generations. We all grew up learning about religion and traditions and the bible and such things, and this is how it all starts.

Religious books like the bible, the Koran and the Bhagavad Gita each talk about different things but what you have to realise is that they were all written long ago by human beings who wanted to provide some kind of guidance to future generations. Instead of shaping our lives, they should only be there to remind us to be good to others.

Now I am not saying that God doesn’t exist; I am simply implying that God has nothing to do with those books. I am myself a true believer, even if I am a scientist. I guess we all agree that there is a greater force that shapes our lives and that allowed us to exist today. However, I do not think that people should spend days praying or fasting or having new year celebrations on different days, when all they are supposed to do is to be good, honest and helpful to others.

Praying, for instance, should not be done in a particular building or to a particular figure. Again, whether we are talking about Jesus or Hindu Gods, they have all been designed by people who probably had wild imaginations. Is there something wrong with praying at home with your eyes closed? As long as you have faith, it is no different than going to a church/temple etc.. and praying to the sculptures there!

When people start going to temples and churches and praying to what they believe are different Gods, this is what creates divergences. Let us assume for a minute that all praying houses were changed to empty rooms where people who want some quiet can sit down and pray or even have all the different Gods in those buildings so that people from all religions could sit together and pray as one big family. Would this not be ideal?

Another thing that separates people is celebrations. We all accept that New Year falls on the first of January, so why need we have a Chinese New Year or New Year for Hindus? I do not understand how this works. How can they celebrate New Year on different days? Did the human race start on some different date for them?

I guess what I am saying is that the new generations are mere followers. Whilst our ancestors were creative enough to give shape to Gods, to write religious books and to create celebrations, we merely sit here and live our lives according to what they did, when, in fact, we should be coming up with new ways to bring people closer and accept differences as well as new ways to pray and celebrate our togetherness.
Well I hope that this will give you some food for thought. I know that I am asking for a BIG change, but everything has to start somewhere, right? 🙂


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