Using Voice Dialing With The Motorola Droid.

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Considering that the Motorola Droid, using the Google platform and the Linux operating system, has been picked as “Time Magazine’s gadget of the year for 2009”, and that it just came out in November, the Droid has the potential to give the IPhone and Blackberry a run for their money.   The droid is a smart looking cell phone that folds open to show a complete QWERTY keyboard, and has a smart track-ball for navigation on the side, with no need to open the phone to perform voice dialing.  Placing a phone call using voice dialing on the droid may not be as simple as some other 3-G and 4-G phones, and the reception is not as good as it should, or will, be, for the moment, but it is a very innovative and  easy to use gadget, once all of the applications that you need are installed and working properly.

On the front of the Droid, with the cover closed, there are a few buttons for quick launch capabilities.  The camera and the phone can both be operated without opening the Droid up, with Droid Voice calling enabled.  In order to place a call on the Droid cell phone using voice dialing, you should;

*  Have the proper applications installed and working properly, especially the Voice Dialing application, as the Droid does not support blue-tooth or hand-held device voice dialing right out of the box.
*  Install and train the voice and voice dialing applications.  When training the device, make sure that there is no ambient noise.  Turn the television and stereo or radio off, and close doors and windows so that outside noise does not interfere with training the voice application.  You need to do this so that the phone recognizes your commands, which are associated with a process with the Droid, like checking your stock market prices, or making a phone call (all of the new, fantastically technologically advanced cell phones, third or fourth generation, with fifth generation right around the corner, even make phone calls!).
*  Once the voice application is installed, program your contacts with voice commands.  You wife’s number could be “the wife’s calling”, your friends, co-workers, anyone who calls you can be stored into memory with just a couple of keystrokes.  Once stored, make a voice-call tag for each number, using the person’s name or business as the voice tag.
*  Turn on the Droid.
*  Press the “call” button, on the front of the Droid, with no real need to open the phone.
*  Speaking clearly and in your normal voice, say the name of who you are calling, loud enough for the Droid to hear and understand clearly.
*  If any calls come in while you are talking, you can send them to voicemail, have them join in with your present conversation, or put your present call on hold and answer the incoming call.

The Motorolla Droid, with Google as it’s platform, has great potential, and the next version of the Droid stands to be one of the best personal, next-generation phone, as long as they can fix the rather poor call clarity that is the most common complaint about the Droid on the Internet.

Try the Droid out, and if it does not rock your world, then take it back within 30 days for a full refund.  With close to 20,000 applications to download and try out, you may want to concentrate on the basics, like Google Voice calling, voicemail transcribing, so that you can read your voicemails, and other cool voicemail options.  You may just find yourself hooked on the new Droid, and keep it, wondering how you ever lived without it in the first place.

Enjoy your Droid.


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