Hohenschwangau Castle

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S O M E   H I S T O R Y

Schloß Hohenschwangau or Hohenschwangau Castle was the residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was built by his father, Maximillian II of Bavaria. However, he wasn’t the first to build it.

According to the history first it was built by the knights of Schwangau and refers to the 12 century. In the 16 century, the family of Schwangau knights became extinct. The building started gradually falling apart. Then during the war against Napoleon the castle was badly damaged. Because of the beautiful countryside, in 19th century Maximillian II bought the ruins and restored the castle.

V I S I T   T O   T H E   C A S T L E
The castle is situated really close to the ticket office. While waiting for the tour to start, it is the best time to walk around, make some pictures, enjoy the beautiful view of the lake and fir forest and even visit the shop.

In the yard of the castle, you will find the display with lit numbers. As soon as the number will correspond with the one on your ticket, you are allowed to go inside.

The tour starts with gathering in the hall, where then you are picked up by the guide. First room to see, after climbing the spiral staircase, is the  BILLIARD  ROOM  – and the story of the castle begins.

The tour will then get you through the HALL  OF  THE  SWAN-KNIGHT,  QUEEN’S  APARTMENTS,  KING’S  APARTMENTS,  THE  HALL  OF  HEROES  and  KITCHEN. The castle will offer you a brilliant collection of wall paintings, devoted to different sagas and legends. Rich collection of orders and decorations as well as family pictures are helping you to follow the story of the castle. An absolute must is to pay attention to rooms like ORIENTAL and TASSO, which are amazing.

S O M E   U S E F U L L   D E T A I L S
Guided tours are available in English and German. It is possible to get Audio guided tours as well.

There is an option to choose a combo-ticket, which offers visit to 2 castles – Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein.

The queue in the morning in front of the ticket office is definitely nothing compare to the one in the afternoon. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time standing in the queue, then come earlier.

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and kiosks to get you through the day. Besides, if you didn’t buy a souvenir at the castle, you have many kiosks to fix it!

In the yard of the castle, there are two fountains and at the foot of the castle is situated a beautiful lake. It had a very clear water and looked absolutely stunning with the mountains and fir forest at the background.


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