Rain and The Fight

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As diamonds fall from the sky and hit her cheek.
She sits and thinks about why these diamonds are falling.
Her skin soaks in the shiny objects, not because she is weak,
But in her mind she does not want to start stalling.
The diamonds continue to fall as she remembers the past.
There was once a time that she was stabbed a few times.
Those stab wounds bled so badly that she thought
She might not ever heel from them. She knows who to blame,
But does not want to bring about those old thoughts.
The diamonds falling from the sky are slowly
Coming to an end because the wounds have been
Gradually sealing up a little bit at a time and are finally
Almost closed. There is now something new to begin
In her life and her flame is growing more
Every time the sun rises.

“The Fight”

Many have tried
And many have failed.
Some have come
And some have gone.
Others tried to stay
But just couldn’t.
We’ve fought
And we’ve kissed.
We’ve been joyous
And we’ve been anxious.
Now we’re in love
And happily as that.

Love comes and goes.

It flourishes and grows.

As each day passes

The loves that lasts

Thru time and trial

And accepts no denial.

It tells no lies

Nor accepts a good bye.

It gives all it can

And takes no stand

At negativity in the air.

If it becomes a flare

Of heat in the cushion

Then just keep the smooching.


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