The Ultimate Diet

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Chocolate, chips, and greasy food. It tastes so good, but it’s so bad for you. But there’s a reason food like this tastes so good. Our taste buds are designed to find high calorie food. Let’s go back in time a couple thousand years.

Long before supermarkets were available, humans had to go hunting and foraging for their food. Since humans need a certain number of calories in order to live, it is easier to hunt and eat food that was high in calories than to hunt and gather a pile of low calorie food. Taste buds acted as a “high-calorie detector” for these hunters and gatherers.

Today, unfortunately, we still have a preference of those high-calorie foods even though we don’t need to go into the woods and find it ourselves. But by being aware of this fact, there is a solution. What makes those “bad” foods bad is their calorie content. So to offset that, all we have to do in increase our calorie expenditure.

Think of calories as your body’s money. It needs to spend a certain amount of money to be healthy. This is why these super low calorie diets can be harmful; you don’t get the number of calories needed. Much like other forms of money, if you body has more calories than it needs, it’ll store it. This is what makes fat. So, in order to get rid of that extra “money”, just go on a bodily “spending spree”. Run, lift weights, play sports… all these things will cost more calories and will cause your body’s “bank account” to run dry and thus reduce weight. As long as you keep your caloric spending high, you’ll be able to eat all kinds of high calories food without having to worry about building back the fat.

So put away the celery and rice cakes and break out the basketball sneakers. Diets don’t work, but exercise does.


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