How to Master The Art Of A Passionate Kiss

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  1. Look into your lovers eyes and lean in gently to begin a passionate kiss. Tip your head slightly to one side (the opposite side that he tips his). Touch his mouth against yours in a soft lingering motion. Slowly and softy kiss his lips (with a closed mouth) as if you are tasting them for the first time. Do this for a few seconds to intensify the moment, touching only your smooth lips to each others.

  2. Slowly open your mouth and find your lovers tongue with your own. A passionate kiss is one that is down slow and effortless. The idea is to not rush things and to slowly feel your way into your lovers mouth. Do not press your tongue into his mouth deeply, instead, use your tongue to feel out his mouth and find his tongue in a curious manner. Do so in little, small movements until you find his tongue with your own.

  3. Once your tongues connect, gently play with his tongue in a flirtatious manner. A passionate kiss is one that involves thinking about how amazing the kiss feels and not just simply shoving your tongue in your lovers mouth without rhythm. To perform a passionate kiss once your tongue has met your lovers, simply think of this kiss as licking an ice cream cone. Taste his tongue with your own as your open your mouth about half way. You’re not trying to devour his mouth, but rather inviting his tongue to gently play with your own.

  4. Touch tongues with your lover a few times before close mouth kissing again. Passionate kisses are those that involve more than just tonguing your lover open mouthed. The idea is to kiss open mouthed for a few seconds and then close your mouth to touch his lips again with your own for a few seconds. Also, one of the best ways to passionately kiss your lover is to gently suck on his lips as you finish touch his tongue with yours, just before close mouth kissing again.

  5. The best passionate kisses are those that involve a little saliva, but not too much. Moist soft kisses feel amazing, however, too much saliva can turn a passionate kiss into a gross mess. Try to keep your saliva at a minimum by swallowing often while kissing. If you can’t help it, try closed mouth kissing more and open mouth kissing less. Avoid chewing gum while kissing as well as this can increase the amount of saliva in your mouth.

  6. To make a passionate kiss even better, try caressing your lover’s face during the kiss. Touching your lover’s face and cupping it in your hands can increase the intense feelings a passionate kiss invites. Also, try looking into your lovers eyes often while you hold his face and kiss him. The connection you will share with this type of passionate kiss is so amazing and will enhance the sparks that fly when you kiss. Any type of touching you can do to your lover’s face, head, hair, or neck will make for an incredible passionate kiss.

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