Tips for lifelong vision health

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Tips for lifelong vision health

By Mr Ghaz, January 2009

Tips for lifelong vision health

Preterm Birth is birth before thirty seven weeks of gestation – is a leading cause of infant mortality, but the health implications are much broader than implications thought, according to medical researchers

Generation preterm births and complications

Most of the medical researchers found that being born preterm contributes to several long – term qualities of health issues, including lower reproduction rates and, for preterm women, a higher chance of next – generation preterm births and complications.

he higher the risk: The extremely premature are more likely to have complications throughout life. Although birth weight has been the traditional indicator of how well a baby will do, they are now believes gestational age may be even stronger predictor.

Long and Healthy Life

If we can do it, with our serious obsession with food, especially during pregnancy and lifelong love of wine, anyone can. The trick is never feeling that you are on a diet. When you filled up on the good stuff, there wasn’t room for the bad stuff.

What saved us and our baby was the very thing that made us overweight in the first place – our love of food. We just turned it around so that we loved food that was good for us, not bad.

You wouldn’t usually associate diabetes with children or babies but diabetes is now one of the most common chronic motherhood diseases. Globally, an estimated about hundred of pregnant mothers live with diabetes. Diabetes, once considered adult health problem, is growing an alarming rate in pregnant women as well.

Staying in lifelong healthy ways

Others ways of staying healthy are to eat more fruits and vegetables during pregnancy, so you are less likely to be eating bad foods. Also choose reduced – fat dairy products and try to avoid toasted mueslis for breakfast.

Takeaway and fast foods can be healthy if you choose wisely. Deep fried foods may contain fat, especially if they come from a smaller chain or your local takeaway.

Everyone hopes to raise awareness of the warning signs of diabetes and to promote healthy lifestyles to help prevent diabetes in pregnant women. By following the above tips will keep us and our family in a right track of staying in lifelong healthy ways.

Dental health and a healthy pregnancy

With recent studies showing a correlation between dental health and a healthy pregnancy, why would you skip a visit to your dentist? According to a study of twenty nine thousand pregnant women by the Dental Medicine University, those who received dental health care before or during their pregnancy had nearly fifty percent less risk of giving birth to preterm
babies preterm or babies with low birth weight than those who neglected their own dental health care.


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